Welcoming Departure - The Next Scott Ballard Films Production

Friday, April 30, 2010

Enter the Beard enters the Press!

A write up in the Anchorage Press, with details about our early upcoming screening sneak preview in Bellingham, WA.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Last Night, Long Ago at the 2010 Big Island Film Festival

My short film, Last Night, Long Ago is an Official Selection at the 2010 Big Island Film Festival! The festival runs May 12 - 16 at the Mauna Lani Resort. My film is playing on Friday, May 14 at 1:00 in the Fairmont Orchid Amphitheater.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Welcoming Departure - The Next Scott Ballard Films Production

Coming October 2010...Welcoming Departure! To read more about the project and to support the film visit:

Hank enjoys the quiet life. As the night custodian of the public library, his evenings are sequestered in the methodical routine of work. One day, his pattern faces disruption as he is forced to deal with the sudden appearance of a strange inheritance.

Welcoming Departure is the first feature film for director Scott Ballard (Between Night, 2008 - Winning awards at the Indie Spirit and NW Projections film festival and Official Selection at the Big Island, Santa Fe, Tacoma, NW Local Sightings and Hartford film festivals).

This current fundraising campaign is focused on raising capitol to secure the crew and talent, along with procuring production insurance for the project.

Welcoming Departure will share several stylistic and technical elements with the short film Between Night, as well as the lead actor - Tom Campbell. Cinematographer Dave Rosenblum will return as the Director of Photography for the project and Adam Upchurch as the editor.

The film will be shot in Bellingham, WA and Portland, OR, beginning in October 2010. The final shooting format will depend on the amount raised - it will either be shot on Kodak film with an Eclair Super 16mm camera or on HD with a 35mm lens adapter.

Current updates are available on the film's website – WelcomingDeparture.Squarespace.com & WelcomingDeparture.com.

Detailed information on the filmmaker is available at ScottBallardFilms.com.

Project location: Bellingham, WA & Portland, OR

Last Night, Long Ago at the 2010 Indie Spirit Film Festival

Last Night, Long Ago, my short 16mm film I shot in December 2009 in Bellingham, Washington is an Official Selection at the 2010 Indie Spirit Film Festival in Colorado Springs. I will be attending the festival, which runs April 23rd - 25th. My film will be playing before Chris Ordal's feature film Earthwork on Saturday, April 24th at 7pm and Sunday, April 25th at 2:45 pm.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Last Night, Long Ago trailer

A very short trailer for my short film Last Night, Long Ago....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Two Pints Lighter - The Movie

I will be helping to produce and also will be the cinematographer for the upcoming feature film, Two Pints Lighter - which will be shot this summer in Bellingham, Washington and Asbury Park, New Jersey. To support the film and read more about it, please visit:

Two Pints Lighter - The Feature Film


A subject that has been overly saturated by multiple mediums: books,TV, film. You name it. These contemporary tales seem all too familiar: the sexy, sallow-cheeked loner, his pensive female counterpart, the melodramatic romance that follows. If it is not drenched in tears, it is an outright parody. Now the filmmakers who brought you “Shoebox Redhead” and “Between Night” bring you a fresh look at the genre – a human story about a human monster.

Meet Wade. Wade is a vampire who doesn’t mind his fate until a night of promiscuous feeding lands him in trouble with the locals. He flees to a small coastal town, vowing to change his ways and bring an end to his nomadic lifestyle. Will friendship and human connection ultimately be enough to change his nature? Shot on location in New Jersey and Washington, the film is a funny yet sincere exploration of what life is really like treading the shadows with a hardcore bloodlust.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Last Night, Long Ago at the 2010 NW Projections Film Festival

My Super 16mm short film, Last Night, Long Ago, is an Official Selection at the 2010 NW Projections Film Festival in Bellingham, WA. The festival runs from April 15th to the 18th. Last Night, Long Ago plays as a part of the Narrative Shorts block on Saturday, April 17th at 4:30pm and at 12pm on Sunday, April 18th.

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