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Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Teaser!

Shoebox Redhead, a film by Matt Lawrence has recently been released. You can see the trailer at:


I shot the film on an Arri SRII Super 16mm with Fuji film (my first time using Fuji - very nice!) with Dave Rosenblum as my Assistant Camera/Gaffer. It's hitting the festivals now, I'll keep you updated as to it's progress.

I have been working on a documentary (and music videos) about the elusive musician, Possum Jones. You can see his page at:


I will soon be posting some pics and video clips as I cut them together -


Saturday, January 10, 2009

January 2009 Update

It's been awhile! Lots of stuff happening and a lot of side non-film projects going on, as well. Just enough to distract me from consistent blog posts! Check out the ever growing MyYearInBeer.blogspot.com, TwoGuitars.Etsy.com, SBallardPhotography.etsy.com and TwoGuitarsDesign.com for some recent activities.

I just wrapped my first shoot of the year - an industrial video for HydroGeo here in Portland. Shot on my trusty now not-so-trusty XL1. Some clogged heads made for a challenging shoot, but in the end we got what we needed and it looks great. It was good to break out the Arri lighting kit and other gear from NW Film. The shoot gave me my first chance to visit Multnomah Falls. A fun shoot indeed. (that's me trying to stay warm behind the camera in the pic)

There are a few things upcoming including a music documentary on the elusive musician Possum Jones (www.myspace.com/possumjonesmusic). The shoot will include a 15-20 minute documentary on Mr. Jones, as well as several music videos. Stay tuned - I will be posting some of the pics/vids soon. I will also be shooting a live set of Tender Situation - the Ween cover band (www.myspace.com/tendersituation). It will be a week of music - I love it. I hope the Xl1 can keep up with it.

After that there are a few other shoots coming up in Feb. and a feature that will hopefully be shooting here in Portland soon that I will be DPing with the HVX.

I'm currently in the process of taking inventory of all the equipment. A new car mount is on it's way - handmade by my dad and I...I'll be trying it out on the Possum Jones shoot. Looking forward to it all....

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