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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Between Night Update

Well, the film biz in Portland is a little slow right now, so I did not have enough funds to make it to Hartford this weekend. But if you are in Connecticut and looking for something to do, the Hartford International Film Festival is happening as I type. Check out their site at:
and a quick plug - my film, Between Night, is playing at 6:45 this evening. If anyone out there reading happens to go to the festival, I'd love to hear about it, the venues, the films, etc. 

The writing continues on the feature. It is an interesting experience, but it's working out great. I've never had much success writing with people. It's always been that I've looked for help after having developed the script. This time, though, Matt and I are in the trenches together. Since he is in Brooklyn and I'm in Portland, we've been working on it via email. Throwing ideas and questions back and forth and from these random lumps of clay, we've begun to sculpt out - in my humble opinion - a great script, with hopes to have a solid draft by the holidays. From that, we will be able to rework the drafts while serious pre-production will begin. I always like preproduction, so I am looking forward to the process once again. We will be scouting in New York and on Orcas Island in Washington State's San Juan Islands. If anyone out there has some connections in either of these places and wants to get involved or just recommend some ideas, please let me know!


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Between Night

Between Night, the film I wrote and directed for my thesis at Boston University was recently selected for the Hartford International Film Festival! So thank you all, once again, to those who helped me to realize this film! It will hopefully provide for some chances to network for the next film, though I don't think I will be able to attend the festival. I am working on updating my site, scottballardfilms.com with a filmography of the films I've shot &/or directed. I've also sent Between Night to several new festivals this week as well - all found on Without A Box. Matt and I are continuing to work out the script for the feature film and it is looking sharp. 

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