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Sunday, March 30, 2008

I have now started loading pictures on my flickr account. You can see them at www.flickr.com/photos/scottballardfilms. Almost all of these pictures were taken by my sister Angie during the production. 

My editor, Adam, is currently working on syncing up all the sound and soon will be able to begin the editing process. Meanwhile, I am looking for someone to help me with the jazz score I would like for the movie. I am keeping busy maintaining my two sites www.twoguitars.etsy.com and suchandsuch.etsy.com where I sell my wares to help fund the next project. Two Guitars features my handmade screenprinted (Gocco) art cards and Such and Such features my photography.


Monday, March 24, 2008


Welcome to my blog featuring updates on my adventures and misadventures in the medium of film. I have just recently completed principle photography on my thesis project for Boston University. Thanks to my dedicated and exhausted crew, the film came off beautifully and is now in the process of being edited. The project is tentatively titled "Between Night" and was shot in color on Super 16mm. We burned through 19 rolls of film for what will be about a 15 minute film, but came away with some beautiful shots. Above is one of the main street corners we used in the film. The film was shot entirely in my hometown of Bellingham, WA.

In upcoming posts, I will detail the process and progress of this project as well as other's which are in the works. I will be adding pictures and video as well. I hope you enjoy-

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I am a cinematographer/videographer from Portland, Oregon. I am a recent graduate of Boston University's Graduate Film Production Program. My thesis film, Between Night - which was shot on 16mm in my hometown of Bellingham, Washington was an Official Selection of the Hartford International Film Festival in 2008. This blog is devoted to this film project as well as upcoming productions and project. I will also feature updates on my other projects including photography, writing and Gocco art cards and prints (Two Guitars Art Cards).